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10 things we LOVE for Back to School!

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Vann Liv | 0 Comments

It seems like yesterday that we walked out of school for Summer Break...and this morning we were going back in for meet the teachers. Where did the Summer go? I have to say that we are excited to get back to our routine, we are routine type people! I keep telling myself that I'll be more organized this year and won't have chaotic weekday mornings. I'll pick out outfits the night before, have all papers signed in advance, lunches will be made and we will get out of the door without a's a good thought right?! 

Growing up I remember one of the most fun parts about the first day (or week) of school was the new clothes! So here we are 15 plus years later and just as excited about helping our little ones gather their outfits for the first week of school! 

Here are 10 things that we LOVE for Back to School-
1. Fore!! Axel and Hudson Aztec Print Tee'
2. Peppercorn Kids Tapestry Scarf 
3. Persnickety's Lucille Dress
4. Peppercorn Kids Beaded Necklaces
5. Jelly the Pug Nicola Set
6. Peppercorn Kids Footless Socks
7. Dino Graphic Tee
8. Persnickety's Olive Top
9. Peppercorn Kids Gold Beaded Bracelets
10. Jelly the Pug Arga Marie Knit Dress 

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